Benefits of a Mobility Scooter

When we see our parents get older and struggling to walk far or get out because they can’t walk too far or drive any more it is a sad feeling.

Or maybe there are health implications that mean they, or you can’t get around like you used to.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t still do all of the things you used to do.

Getting out and about with a mobility scooter

Mobility scooters are a life changer

Having the use of a mobility scooter is enough to change someones life completely.

If you can’t drive, can’t walk very far, and have a wheelchair, but need someone to push you, what do you do when there is no one around?

A mobility scooter gives you the confidence and ability to regain freedom and independence.

You can go out the the shops, fill up your storage unit or basket and drive home safely.

Mobility scooters have come a long way and there are certain types that offer unique strengths designed for specific needs. There will be one that is perfect for you.

Mobility scooters fold up to save precious floor space at home.


Travelling Fold Up Mobility Scooter


There are portable mobility scooters now that can be taken apart (usually into five pieces) and often with just one hand. This is on option.

The second and more exciting option, is that there are now self folding mobility scooters.

If you aren’t strong enough or able to dismantle a mobility scooter to store it, have a look at the self folding ones.

All you have to do is press one button and the folding of the mobility scooter is done for you.

If you or the person you are researching it for has a ramp into their house / bungalow / garage – even better.

You can drive the mobility scooter straight in and then let it fold itself up inside.

This will help to keep the mobility scooter safe from theft and weather damage too!

Mobility Scooters are reliable and safe transport.



This was one of my main concerns when researching which mobility scooter would be best for my mum.

I was worried that she would go out shopping, get carried away and then be stranded with a flat battery.

This really doesn’t need to be a worry any more.

Mobility scooters are designed to travel quite few miles. Usually somewhere between 8 and 35 miles.
If you can help the owner of the mobility scooter to work out using google maps the distances of all of the journeys they might like to take, then they will know they can make it back safely.