Is deafness a disability?

Is Deafness a Disability? As a deaf person, you may not define being deaf as a “disability”. The word disability in itself has fairly negative connotations, but it shouldn’t. Having a disability is not a choice, of course, but it is an impairment that has an affect on your ability to perform normal daily activities. … Read more

How much does a hearing aid cost?

Can I get a free hearing aid on the NHS?

A hearing aid can be bought from as little £100 and some can cost as much as £3000! Talk about a varying price scale… A hearing aid is very much a ‘you get what you pay for’ kind of product. That is not to say that budget hearing aids are a waste of money, but … Read more

How does a hearing aid work?

Easy to use hearing aid

How do hearing aids work? I always used to think that hearing aids were some kind of sorcery that magically made you able to hear again if you were deaf. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. But a hearing aid does assist in a wide range of cases of deafness, from only partially and very mild, … Read more