Does a mobility scooter need insurance?

The short answer to does a mobility scooter need insurance, is no. But, read on to find out why you may consider insurance for your Mobility Scooter.

There is no law to say you need insurance to drive a mobility scooter on the pavement or on the road.

Regardless of wether the mobility scooter is class 2 or class 3, you still don’t have to buy insurance.

Uses of a mobility scooter

Can I get insurance for my mobility scooter?

Yes you can insure you and your mobility scooter.

Whether you drive only on the pavements, around town or on the roads, there will be policy that suits your individual needs.

You might think is it really necessary to get insurance.. here are some of the things that are covered in a policy that would cost around £65 per year:

  • Cover for theft, accidental loss or damage
  • Breakdown recovery
  • Replacement scooter hire
  • Key cover and replacement
  • Personal accident cover
  • Personal liability cover
  • Cover for personal effects
  • Hospital benefit
  • Cover against personal assault /mugging

The numbers for each area of cover are not included above because they change per policy.

You would usually be looking at around £1,000,000 of coverage for personal liability.

This would cover you in the event of something serious happening.

The part that most attracted me to getting insurance for my parent for their mobility scooter was the breakdown cover and cover against theft.

The hardest part of purchasing the mobility scooter on behalf of my parents was actually getting them to use it at first.

Whilst the idea of owning and using a mobility scooter sounded great on paper, when the scooter actually got delivered, they were quite wary of it.

Their biggest concern was breaking down or running out of battery.

Their second biggest concern was getting it stolen from them, either from their garage where it was parked, or from them whilst they were out an about.

Although the insurance policy cost a little money, having it, especially in the first year, really helped them to actually feel safe and confident enough to use the mobility scooter!

If I wasn’t around, or able to get to them quickly, they could be reassured that they had the information card with them and someone could help them to call for help for either recovery or assistance at any time of the day.