How fast does a mobility scooter go?

There are two types of mobility scooter.

  • Mobility scooters that are allowed on roads as well as all other public places.
  • Scooters that are not allowed on roads, but are allowed in all other public places including footpaths.

The maximum speed for a mobility scooter is 8mph. (12.8 kph)

8mph is the legal speed limit for mobility scooters on roads.

Manufacturers don’t make scooters go faster than 8mph as there is nowhere to use them at a higher speed than 8mph!

On pavements, parks, town centres and shopping centres the speed limit is 4mph – which is a brisk walking speed.



How is speed controlled on a mobility scooter?

There is usually either a dial on the control panel to increase or decrease the speed setting.

In addition to this there will always be a brake, to keep the driver and others around safe.

Some mobility scooters are foot pedal controlled – this provides a more instant level of speed control.

Different types of mobility scooter suit different needs, and some manufactures and distributors will allow you to request the speed controls to be switched from the right to the left side if this is more suited to the users needs.



All Terrain Class 3 Mobility Scooter Controls


How does the braking work on a mobility scooter?

Some mobility scooters will have bicycle style brakes, that are operated via the handle bars.

Others will have a brake pedal, like in a car – this is more natural and easier to operate for some users if they have difficultly with holding their hands in positions for long period of time.


Drive Envoy 4 4mph Four Wheeled Heavy Duty Long Range Mobility Scooter


Some of the more advanced mobility scooters have ‘electromagnetic’ brakes.

(This is a mechanical automatic braking system that brings the mobility scooter to a slow and smooth stop once the foot is taken off the foot pedal.)


This information applies to all types of mobility scooter, whether they have four wheels or three wheels.