How much does a hearing aid cost?

A hearing aid can be bought from as little £100 and some can cost as much as £3000!

Talk about a varying price scale…

A hearing aid is very much a ‘you get what you pay for’ kind of product. That is not to say that budget hearing aids are a waste of money, but the higher the price of the hearing aid, usually the more advanced the technology is – for only picking up important sounds and drowning out background noise.

How much is a decent budget hearing aid?

Can I get a free hearing aid on the NHS?

If your are looking for a budget hearing aid, you can buy a very good one for around £200 from Hearing Direct Ltd.

It is very discreet, small and has free delivery and free returns.

Hearing Direct offer a LOT of different types of hearing aid, as two many other sites. But I found their site particularly easy to navigate and easy to understand.

You can actually get hearing aids for as little as £100, but for the extra money, you get a lot more features, such as a better fit with interchangeable tips, different channels and programmes for minimising background noise and whistling noises.


Can I get a hearing aid for free with the NHS?


The good news is that yes, you can.

The NHS do provides hearing aids and all the aftercare and support you need for free.

(Obviously this means you need to go to your doctor to have the necessary arrangements made to get a hearing aid from the NHS.)

Anyone is entitled to get one for free, but the reason people still choose to buy their hearing aid privately is for the advanced technology and choice of styles and fittings.

The NHS hearing aids are great if money is tight, but if the hearing aid is going to be something that you really rely on and something that is going to change your life, you may want to upgrade from the simply NHS hearing aid to a more advanced one of your choice.

How much is a premium hearing aid?

A top of the range hearing aid will cost around £3000. Whereas an excellent hearing aid that offers many of the same benefits will cost around £2000 – £2300.

Something of this specification may not be suitable elderly parents, but more suited to someone who is really into technology and perhaps leaves the house quite a lot.
This level of premium hearing aid is compatible with all electronic devices, such as smart phones, bluetooth speakers and even the wifi box so that you can listen the the tv, radio and computers directly through the wifi. Which means that volume levels can be set to a level that suits everyone and they don’t have to be really high to help the person with the hearing aid.
Some of premium hearing aids also are extremely tiny and barely noticeable, they uniquely adapt so you never have to adjust the hearing aid settings in a new location.

The most premium hearing aid sold by Boots Hearing Care has this auto adjust feature and adapts the settings every 0.4 seconds, to ensure that wearing and using the hearing aid is a seamless and hearing without one.