How long does a total knee replacement last?

total knee replacement

A partial knee replacement is far more likely to require further work at some point in the future when compared to a total knee replacement. Approximiately 10% of people who have had a partial knee replacement will require further work on the knee within a period of 10 years. If you have had a total … Read more

Why do Old People Shake?

why do old people shake

Shaking hands is common in the elderly, the older you get, the more likely it is that shaking will develop. The biggest problem with shaking is that when it starts to occur, your mind will jump to the worst case scenario. How often have you had a minor problem, googled it and then been presented … Read more

Why do old people fall?

Helping to prevent old people falling

When an elderly parent calls you in a panic to say they have had a fall, you can’t help but think the worst. Having experienced this, I did a lot of research to find out why do old people fall and what can be done to prevent it from happening.   Essentially, the primary reason … Read more

Is deafness a disability?

Is Deafness a Disability? As a deaf person, you may not define being deaf as a “disability”. The word disability in itself has fairly negative connotations, but it shouldn’t. Having a disability is not a choice, of course, but it is an impairment that has an affect on your ability to perform normal daily activities. … Read more

Cold Weather Payment Guide

cold weather payment

What is the cold weather payment? The cold weather payment is different to the winter fuel payment, in that it is a “payout” of sorts that only happens during extreme cold. There has to be 7 consecutive days of temperatures forecast or recorded as below zero degrees Celsius. This has to take place between November … Read more

How Much is Winter Fuel Allowance / Payment?

winter fuel payment

What is the Winter Fuel Payment or Allowance? The Winter Fuel Payment is a tax-free payment made to you to help with heating costs in the winter. The effort involved in getting paid the Winter Fuel Payment is minimal and you should seriously consider following this advice and these guidelines in order to get it! … Read more

Why do old people feel cold?

Old people feel the cold

My elderly mum is always complaining of the cold; I was wondering why older people feel the cold?┬áIn temperatures that I feel really comfortable in, my mum is guaranteed to have multiple layers on and still be feeling a chill. Why is this? I did some research to help me better understand and to see … Read more

How to Get a Wheelchair Up a Flight of Stairs

How to get a wheelcahir up stairs

Getting a wheelchair up a flight of stairs is not an easy task. But unfortunately, sometimes it can’t be avoided and should be tackled calmly and carefully. If the person in the wheelchair is not at all able to walk up the stairs and there is no lift available, the only option to lift the … Read more

How to use a commode

commode in the bedroom

A commode is a really useful item in the home for some people who have difficulty with mobility. To use you need to follow these simple steps. Set the Height – the legs are adjustable which makes it easier for you to sit on the commode, no matter how tall or short you are. Measure … Read more

Helping elderly with stairs

Helping the elderly with stairs

Without the assistance of a chair lift, trying to help an elderly person get up and down the stairs can be an absolute nightmare! Speaking from experience, your heart is literally in your mouth watching them struggle, worrying they are going to topple forwards or backwards on the stairs. The worst part is that there … Read more