Understanding Mobility Scooters: Types, Features, and Maintenance

Getting out and about with a mobility scooter

Mobility scooters are essential devices that provide independence and improved mobility for individuals with mobility challenges. These electric-powered vehicles come in various types, each designed to cater to specific needs and preferences. Understanding the different types, features, and maintenance requirements of mobility scooters can help individuals make informed decisions and ensure optimal performance and longevity … Read more

Are Rollator Walkers Safe?

Days folding four wheel walker

As individuals age or face mobility challenges, assistive devices become essential tools to maintain independence and improve quality of life. Among the various mobility aids available, rollator walkers have gained popularity for their versatility and convenience. These walkers, equipped with wheels, brakes, and a stable frame, offer support and assistance to people with balance and … Read more

Are Walk in Baths Any Good?

How to get older people to bathe

As we age, mobility can become more challenging, and tasks that were once simple can become more difficult. One such task is bathing, which can pose a significant risk of falls and injury for older adults. Walk-in baths have become an increasingly popular option for elderly individuals who want to maintain their independence and safety … Read more

Best Rollator Walkers for Seniors 2023

Days four wheel green walker mobility aid

My mum struggled with keeping her balance when navigating her way around the house and was reluctant to go anywhere in public for fear of falling. After doing some research I figured out that walking frame with wheels (also called a Rollator) would be perfect to use in and out of the house to help … Read more

Help Getting in and out of the Bath.

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Bellavita Lightweight Reclining Bath Lift with White Covers

Elderly people and the disabled often need help getting in and out of the bath. Even with someone there to assist it isn’t the easiest thing to do. If they have managed to have a soak in the bath, the next issue is getting out safely. Frail legs and arms might struggle to take the … Read more

Best Massage Chair for 2023

Best Massage Chair

Finding the best massage chair can be a confusing and overwhelming experience. There are many types to choose from, all of which we cover in this in-depth guide. A massage chair was once an untouchable luxury purchase – too expensive for most people. The great news it that the price of massage chairs has fallen … Read more

Best Mobility Scooters 2023 UK

Best mobility scooter for parents

Searching for a mobility scooter can be such a daunting task. There are so many factors to consider, you will only want to make this large financial outlay once. At what speeds do they travel, are they safe, do you need insurance and safety equipment, are they simple to operate, how long will the battery … Read more

Incontinence Aids for the Elderly

There are many reasons why getting to the toilet may not be as easy as it used to be. There is no need for embarrassment, several products are available to make something that some people take for granted, as easy as possible. Whether your mobility has decreased and you can’t always make it to the … Read more

How often should an elderly person bathe?

How often to elderly people need to bathe?

Bathing is a common difficulty for elderly people, limited mobility and fear of falling can mean that they will do almost anything to avoid having a bath. For caregivers, it can be concerning whether the elderly person in their care is bathing frequently enough. So how often do elderly people need to bathe? The good … Read more

Why do old people sleep so much?

why do old people sleep so much

Picture a group of older people in a Care Home. Like me, have you got an image in your head of a dozen people all sat around a loud television and 11 of them are fast asleep? It seems that the older you get, the more naps you might need. My mum could have 4 … Read more